My Work

      Pittsburgh Family Lifestyle Photographer

      Your family and your life together… that is absolutely worth documenting. 


      Feelings and emotions shouldn’t just live in memories. They should hang on the walls of a home and in albums that you can hold and touch. They should be felt for generations.

      Sometimes we need a reminder, of how great we have it. The struggles of everyday life can get in the way of seeing how amazing your family really is. A good photographer can show you what your love looks like by paying attention to the quiet moments that happen while you are busy living.

      I walk into every session with the intent to deliver moments that you will want to relive 10, 15, 25 years down the road. I want to provide you with a gallery that is overflowing with images to tell one of your many family stories, be it the one that reads like an ordinary morning at home with the kids or a big life changer, like the first days at home with a newborn. I want kids to be themselves and moms and dads to be present in images, so that you can always look back and see what a wonderful, crazy, fun, blessed life you lived.