Like the moments you capture behind the lens, your business should be a tapestry of meaningful experiences, not a tangle of tasks and timelines. With over a decade of running a successful photography business, I've turned missteps into milestones and created a photography mentorship program and resource library to help you do the same.

Let's transform your passion into a thriving, stress-free photography business.

Dear stressed-out photographer,

Photography Mentorship Programs + Resources

But I also know that on the other side of business stress is freedom, and I know I can help you get there as well. My journey to balance and a less-stressful business took way too long. But your's doesn't have to. Because I'm here to help. 

I almost quit.

I added family photography business mentor to my resume, having worked in the photography industry for 10+ years, learning too many things the hard way. I allowed my business to run me into the ground.

I've been where you are.

so here's the thing...I know how you feel because

And that's the journey that led me to you!

Brought a promise to myself: Embrace simplicity. My journey wasn't overnight; it was crafted with intention, investment, and insight. Now, my clients smile brighter, and my family sees more of me - the real me, not just the busy me.

And it’s time to give back. Your calls, your messages, your "Can we talk over coffee?" – they shaped a platform where I can empower more photographers like you.



Tested my resolve. Personal losses, a second miracle baby, and a calendar that didn't know when to quit. I missed first steps and bedtime stories. My business wasn't just a business; it was a beast that needed taming.


I started Melissa Lucci Photography as my corporate maternity leave clock ran out. I fumbled my way through learning how to be a small business owner while learning how to be a mama.


But first, a look at how I got here...

But it's your gateway to growth.

Process work? I won't's a beast!

consider this your nudge towards freedom

If any of this sounds familiar, know that you're not alone. These resources are dedicated to helping you chart a course towards a business that's as consistent as it is flourishing. Together, we'll tailor a photography mentorship journey that fits precisely where you're at, aiming squarely at where you dream to be, and arming you with the strategies to bridge that gap.

Recognizing you need to grow but unsure which direction will lead you to sustainable success.

Paralyzed by the 'what's next?

With your family or for yourself, as your business demands more time than you can give.

Guilty for the moments missed

Feeling like your passion for photography is getting lost in the noise of invoices, emails, and scheduling.

Drained from the business side of creativity

Unsure how to find a steady rhythm in booking clients and managing seasonal rushes.

trapped in the cycle of feast or famine

Between shooting, editing, marketing, and managing clients, all while feeling like the balancing act is just one step away from tumbling.

frustrated with the juggling act

Right now you're probably feeling:

-Taryn Boyd, Blu Hippo Photography

Before I hired her as a mentor, I was feeling stuck and unsure of how to move forward in my business. However, Melissa's guidance and support have been invaluable in helping me finalize important client documents, establish efficient workflows, and streamline my lead generation and client booking process. Melissa's expertise and insight have helped me to see things from a different perspective and approach challenges in a more strategic and effective way.Her encouragement and accountability have also been instrumental in helping me to stay on track and make progress toward my goals.

Overall, I can confidently say that Melissa has had a profound impact on my business and my life. Thanks to her coaching, I feel more empowered, organized, and in control of my business than ever before. I would highly recommend Melissa to anyone looking to take their family business to the next level.

"Working with Melissa Lucci has been an absolute game-changer for me."

james clear, atomic habits

"If nothing changes, nothing is going to change."

The belief in your ability to handle the ebb and flow of business, to charge what you’re worth and to say no when it doesn’t serve you.

Renewed Confidence


Strategies that allow you to work smarter, not harder, so you can enjoy your successes both behind the camera and in your life.

Balance Over Burnout


Instead of being a slave to your workflow, you need processes that work as hard as you do, giving you back your time and peace of mind.

Systems That Serve You


Not just any advice, but wisdom that aligns with your unique business vision and personal goals.

a roadmap tailored to your business


Trust me...I've been there. And what you really need is:

Yup, and that's why I created the

is it time for some tough love?

That crushing 'I don't know where to begin' feeling turns many away from getting it right or even getting started.

i won't lie, process work can feel like a lot

Your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system should be your business's operational backbone, not just another confusing software tool. Imagine your CRM as your most trusted assistant, one that never sleeps, forgets, or overlooks a detail. Together, we’ll declutter your current setup, streamline your workflows, and optimize your CRM to work harder for you. Expect a transformed system where every client interaction is tracked, every lead is nurtured, and no opportunity for connection is missed.

Let's turn your CRM into your most reliable assistant

01. Build consistent and automated workflows

here's how we're going to do it

If you don't commit to the work needed now, you can't expect anything different down the line. Worse yet, you can't expect to sustain and grow. My photography mentorship is designed to help you do both.

It's time to finally simplify and transform the business side of family photography

The client journey doesn't start at the flash of your camera or end at the delivery of images. It's an entire experience - from the first inquiry to the final thank-you note. I'll guide you through designing a client process that feels like a red-carpet event, uniquely tailored to your brand. We’ll create a consistent and cohesive experience that anticipates client needs, exceeds expectations, and generates word-of-mouth praise that turns first-time clients into lifelong fans.

Guide your clients through an experience they’ll rave about

02. Crafting a client experience like no other

Time is the one resource you can't afford to waste, especially in the creative business where every moment counts. I'll help you replace those time-consuming repetitive tasks with a suite of templates, forms, and automated emails, freeing you to focus on what you love most – photography. It’s not just about saving minutes; it’s about reclaiming hours, days, and weeks. You’ll rediscover the joy of your craft and the passion that got you started, all while your business runs like a well-oiled machine in the background.

Spend more time doing things you enjoy with people that you love.

03. Reclaim Your Time: Mastering Efficiency

You're already so busy! I get it!

But, I also refuse to sugarcoat things - 

Getting your process nailed down is work. You won't magically be in a better place overnight. You have to put in the work to get there. At times, I'll push your to step outside your comfort zones, but only because I know what lies on the other side!

With your ten-week commitment, give yourself two weeks to nail down each process at your own pace!
Spoiler alert - CRM setup/cleanup is the most time-consuming. #worthit

You need reduced stress like, yesterday. 

But that really depends on you -
Results come as soon as you implement and familiarize yourself with a more streamlined, efficient process. Nailing everything down to fit your unique work-life needs will almost instantly relieve you from the bulk of the stress that comes from trying to manage it all without a solid foundation.

Your results directly reflect the change you are willing to make and the work you are willing to put in. I cannot guarantee results, but my gosh, I will do everything I can to show you the way!

I can't answer that for you but- Consider this:

Are you a person who can self-motivate and troubleshoot issues in your process without support, guidance, examples, or a sounding board? If so, then give meaningful change a try and re-evaluate!

Are you someone who needs accountability checks, that thrives when you have someone in your corner, showing you the way? If so, I can be that for you.

Applications take 5-10 minutes to complete, and are risk free. Tell me more about your goals and pain points. I'll let you know If I believe I can help!

Absolutely. The mentorship is designed to meet you where you're at, including tech skill level. I'll provide clear, step-by-step guidance to help you understand and utilize the tools and systems that will benefit your business the most. Plus, you'll have support every step of the way.

You'll have access to me via Voxer for those quick questions that pop up between our bi-weekly calls. I'm here to support you, not just during scheduled times, but throughout the entirety of the mentorship program.

Simply fill out the application form where you'll share your goals and pain points. From there, we'll schedule a discovery call to ensure we're the perfect fit before embarking on this transformative journey together.

Bi-weekly Zoom Calls

Accountability checks

Voxer access

Pre-recorded lessons

CRM + Gallery Email Templates

Resources + Guides

Discounts on preferred services

The Melissa Lucci Photography Mentorship

this mentorship is for you.

Move forward with a strategic plan tailored to your business goals, enabling steady growth without the guesswork and overwhelm of wearing #allthehats.

A Sustainable Plan for Growth:

Embrace a newfound freedom with workflows that flow as smoothly as your favorite lens focuses, giving you back precious time each day.

Seamless Workflows:

Reclaim your evenings and weekends, secure in the knowledge that your business is thriving even when you’re not at the desk.

Balance and Boundaries:

Wave goodbye to the overwhelm as you tackle each day with confidence, knowing exactly what needs to be done and how to do it.

Stress-Free Days: 

TELL ME, what if you could have:

here's what you can expect

Coming Soon!

Dubsado Form Templates

Easily customizable Canva templates to help you prepare your clients for their sessions.

Client Prep Bundle

Build out your own ideal client experience workflow.

Collateral + Canned Email Checklists

Access all the canned emails I use to streamline my client experience.

Canned Emails Bundle

DIY tools & templates to help you streamline your photography business

Shop Templates & Resources

coming soon!

Swipe my strategies and templates in this DIY course to help you setup and optimize your family photography workflows in Dubsado with this self-paced course.

coming soon!

Family Photography Dubsado Course

This is your chance to get on a 30-minute Zoom with Melissa to highlight areas of backend business improvement. 

Systems Chats with Melissa

After spending years building my family photography business and letting it run me into the ground, I finally learned to build scalable, automated systems that helped me get back to doing what I love: photography. 

Now, I've made it my mission to help other booked and burned out photographers do the same. 

Wife, mama, no-stress family photographer and systems obsessed photography business mentor


Oh hey,

Outlined and explained in this resource, I'm sharing the steps I use to build my own  workflows!

5 Steps to Build a Workflow


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My go-to systems and services are explained and linked - just for you! Enjoy select discounts!

Sanity Saving Systems + Services


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Grab the template I use to send my own clients 'Birth Stat' images they can then order as keepsakes!

Birth Stat Canva Template

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