AT HOME

      There is no place like it and no place where your family feels more comfortable. Show it off, doing the things that you normally do. GET REAL. These sessions are all about celebrating your ordinary. The everyday and favorite activities that pass by and often get swallowed up by never ending to-do lists, plans, cleaning, you name it…
      I offer these ‘documentary’ in home sessions because the most beautiful family moments -the real ones- live and breathe in the ordinary and in the walls of your own home.

      > Plan a pancake breakfast and let the little ones be in charge of stirring the batter.
      > Gather the family around the table for a friendly or (or maybe overly competitive) board game.
      > Show off a milestone like sitting up or taking those a few assisted steps as we play on the floor of the nursery… followed by a bath, a book, a bottle or nursing, and a nap.
      > Grill out and leave the dishes for later, because it’s more important to play in the back yard as the sun sets on a summer day.
      > Bake and play dress up with your little ladies before you get lost in a pile of Barbies.

      I show up with the sole intention of helping you relive the amazing, heart bursting moments that happen when you shut out the rest of the world and put the focus right where it belongs.

      *Additional hours, booked in advance, are $125/hr.


      Let’s get your gang together and make some authentic portraits that showcase you and the people that you love, in a simple and fun way. Laid back, these sessions are all about documenting your family at any stage in life - Baby milestones, gender reveals, and the yearly/seasonal update…

      Wrap your arms around your little ones with your partner in your parenting adventure. My aim is to capture the love and laughter (even the tantrum… and the snuggle that follows)! Cherish that good stuff for years to come.


      At home or on location.

      Bring on the chaos. You know, the good kind! The kind that happens when you get more than one family together. Cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents, and the list goes on. Extended family sessions are for that one nice photo with your "big" family, and for all of the sweet and hilarious moments that it takes to get that one magical image.

      Custom invoices can be shared with multiple families for convenience.

      AT HOME

      The overwhelming love that you have for the sweet little life, that you finally have in your arms, is stronger than sleep deprivation. (Thank goodness!) Becoming a parent for the first time or adding to the number of little humans to call your own is the most wonderful thing in this world. An exhausting blessing. And those first few weeks and months are filled with emotion… of all kinds. They pass by in a blur and before you know it you’re scheduling a 6 month wellness check up for you’re not-a-newborn-anymore baby. Be careful to slow down and embrace that newborn smell, those teeny tiny toes, and quiet coos while they last.

      Watch your sweet baby sleep in the crib, in the nursery that you worked so hard to put together. That little bundle is now the center of your world. Swaddle and gently hold your baby to you as I photograph you kissing and awww-ing over all of those tiny features that you’ve fallen in love with. The newborn stage comes and goes. My job is to keep them brand new forever for you.

      FRESH 48

      That nine month wait is over. You did it! Before you have time to catch your breath, you’re packing up bags and filling out those discharge forms. But there are plenty of beautiful and quiet moments that come in the first few hours with your newborn.

      Soak up the moments before you head home for the first time with your little addition. Soft kisses from a new mama, big siblings faces lighting up as they meet their little siblings for the first time, hospital bands and a nurse's name on the dry erase board beside those birth stats. Remember it all.


      Life is about to change. The emotions (on steroids thanks to crazy pregnancy hormones) are all over the spectrum. The only constant is love for the life you haven’t even met yet. It’s amazing. What a woman’s body is capable of - that in and of itself deserves a session to celebrate. Whether this is your first or fifth, this is a time to embrace what you have and be excited for what is ahead.

      Stare down at that sweet bump, feel a tiny kick and let yourself wonder what meeting your baby will be like, as I document this special time. Bring your man along, force him to give you a foot rub halfway through shooting and if you have kids let them jump around and maybe have a little conversation with their sibling-on-the-way. Those moments mean the most.