ABOUT MEand my family

I’m just a mama who is doing her best to be so many things… like the rest of you!

I’m a wife and daughter. A sister. A granddaughter. A small business owning (living on all the coffee) artist.
I’m a believer in God and a believer in being a good and caring person. I am a friend.
I love and take all of my little roles seriously but the one that both my husband and I cherish most (together) is: parent.

I am a mother. That’s a loaded statement. It’s heavy and I know that I am beyond blessed to carry that responsibility.
My little ladies gave me purpose beyond what I thought was possible.
My love for them (and their daddy) is unconditional and unending.
Our family life is not perfect. A lot of days are but I lose it every so often. I burn dinners and on tough days I don’t get the amount of work done that I had hoped. And at the end of the really, really tough days, I lay my head on my pillow feeling like I could have been better. It’s a balancing act and chances are if you’re reading this you know it all too well (or you’re about to!!). So we have that in common and it’s nice to know that we can be in each others corner. We are all together in this parenting journey, and me understanding that allows me to photograph the families that I work with from a place of understanding.

I know what it means to be a parent and I carry the thousands of emotions, that are associated with that role, with me every time I pick up a camera. Moments trump perfection in my little family and that approach lives at the core of me ‘the mama’ and me the ‘family photographer’.

*The photos of my very own family were taken by, the one and only, Rachel Rowland.