Specializing in capturing natural, authentic moments, from one parent to another.

Family Photographer in Pittsburgh

Hey, I'm Melissa!

Leave it to me to document your family story — your beautiful chaos.

Carrying the multitude of emotions that come with motherhood, I bring that compassion to every session. This perspective allows me to capture families from a place of genuine understanding… And an extra dose of patience. 

Plus, in my world, authentic moments surpass perfection.

So… I get it.

A wife, a daughter, a sister, a family photographer in Pittsburgh, a small business owner. While I love and take all of my roles seriously, the one my husband and I cherish most is being parents.

Before becoming a mom, I didn't fully grasp the incredible responsibility and, simultaneously, the incredible blessing of that role.

My little girls infuse my life with a purpose beyond anything I could have imagined. My love for them (and their sarcastic daddy) is boundless and everlasting.

I'm a mama doing her best to be so many things.

OMG! I think I “favorited” 95% of the photos, they are soooo good. Beyond what I expected. Thank you, thank you, thank you! - Briana
- dana

She captures our family perfectly every single time and my kids have a blast with her. Family photos can be stressful, but she makes it quick, easy, and fun. She knows all the best spots in town too! She is simply the BEST. Highly recommend!

“Melissa has been photographing my kids since they were born.”

Chances are you know this juggle all too well (or you’re gearing up for it!). After having kids, you could say I’ve become quite the juggling expert. 

So I hope it's as reassuring for you as it is for me to know we're in each other's corner.

That's also why, as your family photographer in Pittsburgh, I prioritize a no-stress approach so the kiddos are geared up for a session full of fun and you can just relax!

Family life is one heck of a balancing act.

Anything that feels scripted and inauthentic

Forced smiles and unrealistic expectations

Unnatural, awkward poses

less of this

Telling your family’s story — what it is right in this moment

Focus on the irreplaceable connection between you and your family

More of this

Natural lighting and editing that bring out your best selves

My photography philosophy?

maternity, newborn & family photographer in pittsburgh

Plain seltzer water (and coffee)


Cackling laughs from my girls


A good band tee


Skinny Pop


Sport, Arts, and Entertainment Management


I’d work for a non-profit!


Organizing…anything and everything


My electric heat blanket #foreverfreezing


For the ones who want to get this friendship started!

But who am I really?


Amid all of our roles in life, "mother" stands out as uniquely special. It's the moms who are the epicenter of their family's love — but it's also the moms who carry the weight of responsibility on their shoulders, and it can be overwhelming. 

So here, in this space, I'm taking care of YOU.

My goal has always been to create a space where mamas aren't just acknowledged but truly seen, heard, and celebrated.

So, for once, let that stress melt away. And count on me to be your trusted family photographer in Pittsburgh and storyteller.

My lens is attuned to the authentic moments — the chaos of chasing kids, the laughter, and the love that defines your unique motherhood journey.

I’ll freeze-frame those raw and real moments that make motherhood an unforgettable adventure. Because, moms, you deserve every bit of recognition.

Dear moms,

A love note from Melissa to all the moms...

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I would be honored to be your trusted Maternity, newborn, and family photographer in Pittsburgh.

Let's capture the magic of your family together