Learn how to take DIY newborn photos and family photos with helpful guides and Lightroom presets made by a seasoned family photographer in Pittsburgh.

Presets + Guides for DIY Newborn Photos + Family Pictures

resources for mamas

your beautiful chaos.

The random laughs, ridiculous bedtime rituals, first steps, trips to the zoo, vacations, playgrounds, soccer games, visits to grandparents' houses, backyard play, melted ice cream cones, and all the other heart-filling moments you don't schedule. Mama, you get to tell and preserve that story for your family.

The best moments often happen when a professional photographer isn't around so I've created some mobile resources to help you beautifully document your family story -

It's a story your entire family will love looking back at over time

One of the greatest stories you can tell your kids is one of their childhood.

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Includes 2  Beautiful Chaos Presets!

A comprehensive pdf-guide created to help mamas nail those first DIY newborn photos - on a cell phone!

  • What to pack and wear (specific to photos only)
  • Tips + tricks for working with the room and available light
  • Inspiration examples
  • BTS shot tutorials and examples
  • Download, installation, and quick editing videos
  • …and more


DIY Fresh 48 Photos Guide + Presets

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A simple pdf-guide created to help mamas take (and edit) better photographs of their child(ren) and family - on a cell phone!

  • Light scenarios explained
  • Basic tips + tricks for working with your device, both indoors and outside
  • Inspiration examples
  • Image breakdowns 
  • Download, installation, and quick editing videos
  • Nine mobile presets


'Tell Your Family Story' Beautiful Chaos Mobile Photography Guide

Sample the Presets

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