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To My Husband

I never got a chance to meet my father-in-law. (Our entire family knows great loss because of cancer, but we won’t even begin to go there on this happy day.) It often makes me sad, knowing that I missed meeting a man that everyone spoke so highly of. I don’t stay sad for long though because I know that the man my husband is today is a reflection of the kind of man that he was. That makes me happy and I know it makes my father-in-law proud. A great dad teaches you without even trying and leads by example. I can only imagine how wonderful Mr. Lucci must have been because I see how wonderful my husband is on a daily basis.

Watching my husband become and grow into his role as “dad” has made me love him more than I thought possible. He is my daughters best buddy. No one else can make her smile the way that he does. She lights up in his presence and becomes a whole new, excited kid when he is around.  They play hard, have long in depth conversations with each other, and cuddle up on the couch when it’s time to watch Uncle Charlie pitch. He is always down on her level goofing off while she laughs hysterically at him.  The man has watched Frozen more times than any person should have to and he isn’t afraid to sing along, just to get her to smile.

He really is the most wonderful and perfect father to our daughter, and admittedly, I don’t tell him enough.

So, my baby daddy… Happy Father’s Day. I love you. Ava loves you. Cody loves you. Anyone who knows you… well, they love you.

Thanks for being so wonderful and strong for our little family.

Melissa Lucci PhotographyMelissa Lucci PhotographyMelissa Lucci PhotographyMelissa Lucci PhotographyMelissa Lucci PhotographyMelissa Lucci PhotographyMelissa Lucci PhotographyMelissa Lucci PhotographyMelissa Lucci PhotographyMelissa Lucci PhotographyMelissa Lucci Photography


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