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Daddy-Daughter Moments

This past weekend, I shot a wedding on Saturday for The Leeann Marie Collective, a newborn session on Sunday morning and a family life session that same afternoon. Another busy weekend (loved it all, so thankful). While I’m away, sometimes I can only imagine what goes on at home… in a good way! My husband is always coming up with ways to spoil our daughter with love and fun.

Perfect example… he got home from work early one day last week and decided that he wanted to wake Ava up from her afternoon nap by blowing bubbles in her room.  At first I was all… ohhhh heck no! That sounds messy and DON’T YOU DARE WAKE HER UP… I STILL HAVE THREE THINGS TO MARK OFF MY ‘AFTERNOON NAP’ TO-DO LIST (and yes I break my to-do lists up into AM + PM naps, because when she is awake, I try to give her all of my attention).

I’m so glad I didn’t put up a fight because this happened and it made me realize that this man, my husband, has my heart… more so now than he ever did before because of how he is with our girl.

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