sisters on bath night

Life Lately

I see that light at the end of the tunnel right now. It feels good! My busy season is winding down and I am thinking about how great it’s going to feel to catch my breath… catch up with family and friends.

This business just keeps growing. Wonderful families keep falling my way, asking me to document their RIGHT NOWS. It’s humbling and incredible. And honestly, it’s exhausting. (This is not me complaining. I’m so very lucky. I get it. Trust me!) I love it, you guys! But this mama is tired, haha! Thankful and tired!

I looked at my husband the other day and said, “just stick with me until 12/10 babe”. He’s so good to me and our girls. He supports me in every season and that is everything. Support from him and amazing clients who click with me and my approach to documenting families… they keep me loving what I do.

Along with countless really fun sessions, some personal excitement has come and gone in the past few months (for sure since I last shared about our life lately). Ava started PreK, finished soccer and is turning into this kid that teaches us something every single day. Myra is a walking, into everything, sleep-hating, eating machine – a real sweet and salty combo that only she can pull off so adorably. Our girls are so much fun. Watching them together (aside from those moments when they decide to want the same barbie) brings me so much happiness.

So, yeah it’s been a busy few months in every way imaginable. But all of it… I cannot imagine not having it all.

first day of preschool photos

toddler playing on swing set

daughters working out with father flipping a tire

sisters at home laughing and making silly faces

toddler photo in grass at golden hour

family dog portrait

sisters laughing and playing in crib

toddlers playing on John Deere tractor

Cousins photo on swing

photos of toddlers in halloween costumes

photo of toddlers trick-or-treat

sisters on bath night

toddlers decorating the family Christmas tree

toddler Sisters holiday shopping