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I went ALL IN with Showit website designer, Wolf + Willow to celebrate 10 years in business, after learning that I would need another new website and all new social media accounts, based on restrictions and buyouts beyond my control. How’s that for taking lemons and making lemonade?!

It felt right, teaming up with a group of AMAZING women, to tackle a massive project!

Ashley and her team held my hand through the website and rebrand as I worked quietly, behind the scenes to start from scratch on both my Instagram and Facebook accounts. That’s been a frustrating, but worthwhile adventure. 2024 is ALL THINGS NEW, yet business as usual, serving Pittsburgh families, mamas, and other photographers.

I love how it all came together and wanted to share a more in-depth look at my new branding and website, packed full of thought and love.


Capture the unfiltered beauty of family life. My mission is to freeze-frame those raw, chaotic, and real moments that make parenting an extraordinary journey.

I embrace the authenticity of every session and believe that genuine emotions beat perfection every. single. time.


I aspire to create a space where mamas always feel seen, heard, and celebrated, and to be a trusted storyteller for families. I aim to inspire families to appreciate the imperfect because around here, authenticity is the true measure of perfection.

Where the heart of a mama meets the artistry of family photography.

As a mama myself, I notice and appreciate the untamed beauty of family life. My lens is tuned to the authentic moments—the chaos of chasing kids, the laughter, and the love that defines your parenting journey. My commitment is to weave a visual narrative of the genuine and unfiltered story of your family.

Melissa Lucci Photography Logo

The new primary logo is modern and professional with a flare of whimsy and playfulness. AK, the brand designer, opted for an all-caps serif that is strong and purposeful – just like mamas.

I want mamas to feel empowered, seen, and excited about working with me, and first impressions matter! While the lettering design is timeless and strong, the movement within the “E” and the “A” soften the palette and incorporate unexpected elements that root it in some of the foundational words that clients shared about working with me: fun, wild, joy.

Melissa Lucci Photography Secondary Logo

The secondary logo is a script mark for a edgy, personal and organic vibe. We wanted the script to feel truly handwritten, with some imperfections and “inky” elements to create the essence of a true signature.

Melissa Lucci Photography Icon

The MLP icon is a carnation: the flower that represents Motherhood.

The designer created an icon that completely represented the heart of my brand: “I am here for the mamas, unapologetically. Everything I write or share is to and for them, about the families they love.”

The carnation is hand-drawn with digital charcoal to create a raw look that is perfectly imperfect. This icon represents all the mamas that I reach and advocate for. The joy of motherhood is represented in the carnation, woven throughout the new branding.

Melissa Lucci Photography Submark

The submark is simple and elegant, yet bold and eye-catching. We wanted a mark that represented the initials of ML without being overly literal or straight-forward (aka boring). So the custom mark has the “L” hidden inside the middle of the M for a fun twist. The curvature of the L also points back to the movement with the letter design in the primary logo as well to create cohesion and consistency.

Appreciate the imperfect, because around here, authenticity is the true measure of perfection.

Melissa Lucci
Melissa Lucci Photography Texture


Ashlie at Wolf + Willow breathed new life into my website, creating a truly refreshing experience for visitors. Anything but ordinary! With a hit of family sophistication, the site feels completely down to earth. Each scroll and click feels like you’re leafing through a beloved family photo album.

I’m so unbelievably grateful and hope that you love the brand we’ve built, showcasing 10 years of beautiful chaos family photography.



Wolf + Willow
Half Pint Design
Hanna Bee (Copywriter)
Salted Pages
Taryn Boyd (Blu Hippo Photography) + Rachel Rowlandfor the brand images
Rachel Rossettifor the family photos


No added to-dos, just added memories to your life.

You’re busier than you ever thought you’d be. Between chasing toddlers around, work commitments, mastering the art of diaper changes, herding kids to practice, and trying to get some me time, it’s hard to imagine adding anything to your plate.

As a mama of two, I get it!

I'm here to simplify the photography process for you so you can keep focusing on what you need to.

If you want no-stress & natural maternity, newborn, and family photography — I'm your girl.

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Say goodbye to unnatural and inauthentic photoshoots. I use a child-led approach to guarantee a fun, stress-free family photography session!

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The early days with your newborn are like nothing else. We’ll capture all the precious moments that make the sleepless nights and diaper changes all worth it.


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