Pittsburgh Family Photographer

I’m shooting for unscripted family moments.

It hasn’t taken me long to realize what I am most passionate about with regard to my work and how I approach each and every session.   I always knew that I preferred the natural to the posed and that style is most commonly referred to as lifestyle photography.  Throughout my first year in business it became increasingly important to me to that the images in my galleries be filled with life… real life… real emotion… real memories. I’m documenting parents in their first days at home with a newborn baby. I’m photographing that new bundle of life as he or she sleeps (or screams and cries), swaddled in mama’s arms. I’m documenting young children, not as they sit straight up with a perfect smile, but rather as they jump into a puddle and explore the world around them. I’m documenting families as they spend time together, letting the lives they lead and the way they feel about each other play out, unscripted, in front of my camera.

Life with the people you love is something to be remembered. This new look and feel to my site is representative of not only me but of my goal as a photographer:

I’m keeping things genuine and simple.  I want to jump into your family life for a bit and show you what your love looks like.  I’m going to shoot for parents who want to look back on a seemingly ordinary or life changing time and feel something.

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To my (super awesome) past clients who might be looking for their story on this new blog… I’m going to play a little bit of catch up over the next few weeks and do my best to make sure that all of the fun we had together in 2014 lives here!