mother holding and kissing son in nursery



This is it. What it is all about. They are starting a new chapter, in the home they renovated (to perfection). Their baby boy is now a toddler. He’s walking and exploring the world around him. His curiosity has no limits. He is a snuggle up to mama, thumb sucker and laugh like crazy with daddy, kind of kid. (OH MY HEART, I LOVE THUMB SUCKERS SO MUCH!). He wears suspenders and its the most adorable thing. Ever. His smile and laugh make your heart burst.

All of these things about their boy are things that they never want to loose sight of. Shooting in home was the only way to document it all, authentically.

Clearly this mama has an eye for design. Seriously – I’ve seen her work in other homes (both clients and friends) and cannot begin to explain how creative and talented she is. They all trusted me to step into their world and help them remember this time in their new home. I’m always so grateful to families who let me in like that.

On this particular Sunday morning, they made me truly just LOVE what I call ‘my job’.

L family… I adore you.

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