newborn baby boy wrapped in swaddle blanket held in fathers hands


Photographing new families is a huge responsibility. To be invited into a home at such a vulnerable time for first time parents is a big deal. My goal is laid back comfort, for everyone involved. Baby runs the show but it's important that I keep everyone as relaxed as possible. The last thing anyone needs in those first few weeks of life is added stress. Before a session, I reiterate to mamas that this experience should be enjoyed. If anyone needs more time to bounce back from delivery, that's perfectly fine. Your home doesn't need to be perfect and picked up. Your baby is allowed to cry. You are allowed to nurse for as long as you need. Your puppy is allows to steal the spotlight for a while. The only thing new parents NEED to do is hold and love the little life they finally have in their arms. Pour all of themselves into an hour or so where the only focus is being together and documenting this new normal. Babies stay brand new for what feels like a minute, and then they are off... growing too big, too fast and ever changing.

Their adventure has begun.

nursery with hunter green accent wall

I love this room. So much.
(So much so that I took the color and made it the accent wall in my own bedroom! Call me inspired.)

family black lab protecting crib at family newborn session
mother holding newborn boy in hunter green nursery
new parents with newborn baby in stylish green nursery with white accents
cozy family images with black lab during newborn session at home
parents hoding newborn with black lab in green and white nursery
father holding newborn baby boy
father holding newborn baby boy
father holding newborn baby boy
new parents loving and kissing their newborn baby boy in Upsimples Baby Swaddle
new mother holding baby in green nursery
newborn baby boy in crib with feather sheet
newborn baby boy wrapped in swaddle blanket held in fathers hands

Upsimples swaddles (and a diaper bag for daddy) were such a perfect fit for this family and room. So good!

black and white image of new parents holding newborn baby boy
mother holding newborn baby boy in nursery
mother soothing newborn baby boy in home nursery
natural newborn portrait of baby boy in upsimples baby feather swaddle blanket