Authenticity. That’s what I walk into a home hoping to photograph and deliver in a final gallery. The real you, in this incredible chapter of a book called: your life. True personalities, actual fun being had, tender hugs, loud laughter, and in this families case… new love.

      They welcomed a second, beautiful, baby girl and invited me over to document a slice of their new normal. I know, I know… you’re thinking no family with a toddler and a newborn looks that put together ~10 days after coming home from the hospital. And you’re right, it most cases. But if a photo session is a reason for a mama to jump in a shower for the first time in day or so and throw on a little make so that she feels a little more like herself… I’m here for it! If a photo session allows your oldest to wear a pretty new dress so that she feels really special while daddy twirls her around a room… I’m here for it. You may be a little more dressed up, or “photo ready” but the emotion is par for everyday life with the people you love most in this crazy world. That’s always incredibly beautiful to witness and relive in a collection of images.

      I hope that these parents lean on their images when they need a reminder of how lucky they are to have two little (exhausting) blessings.

      I hope that these sisters look back 15, 25, 40 years down the road to see what their bond looked like when it was brand new.

      I could not be happier for this beautiful family.

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