parents kissing toddler girl at family photo session


It's been a minute... since I've shared a session. Last time was all the way back in JULY! (Right before I photographed the awesome little family featured in this post!)

Since then, saying that "I've been busy" would be a big fat understatement, so posting beautiful family moments (outside Instagram and Facebook) fell to the bottom of my to-do list. But I'm back and I'm ready to start sharing more regularly again. Choosing which sessions will be tough but this gorgeous bunch was a no brainer to kick things off.

The temps are supposed to drop tomorrow in Pittsburgh, so let's look back on a bright, warm, and sunny evening in Sewickley PA with a family I've been honored to photograph multiple times now. Their stunning daughter was beautiful the first time I met her, and she's only grown more beautiful. The personality makes her that much better. Capturing the love these parents have to their one and only was pretty amazing.

L Family - Summer looked good on ya!

parents kissing toddler girl at family photo session
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