This family is now a Party of Four!! I can’t get enough. Especially since I was able to photograph the now BIG BROTHER in his first few weeks at home – just a few years back! I feel so incredibly humbled when it happens like this. I’m watching families grow right in front of my eyes and it’s amazing every single time. It’s relatable too. A lot of my approach to this kind of newborn session (when it’s not your first baby) stems from knowing precisely how the older sibling(s) world just got turned upside down. I walk through the doors of a home and immediately give all my attention to your first babies (fur babies included). They’ve earned it!

      Any then I move to the new addition! I chat with parents about how things are going. We talk schedules (if you can even truly throw that word around less than two weeks into things). I lay out a plan for our time together and we GO!

      Baby Jack is pretty great. The whole family – two sets of grandparents included – is in love! The entire family took turns holding, kissing, and staring at this handsome bundle of baby. A true “Family-Newborn” session. I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again. Grandparents are ALWAYS welcome.

      Jack + Family, I couldn’t be any happier for you as you really settle into this new phase of life. The new addition is a (spitting image of big brother) and a perfect fit. Enjoy every second together!

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