2020 felt like an impossible year for so many, myself included, in very unique ways. Speaking strictly from a business perspective – the only thing that got me through was client patience, understanding, and trust. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE YOU ALL. I could not have managed without the kindness that was extended, especially when scheduling got really tricky in those Fall months. Leaning on talented referrals for people that I couldn’t fit into the calendar felt like a safety net. I truly feel like everyone who got in touch with me was helped, in one way or another, in a WILD year. Sure my business took a significant hit but nothing like so many others and for that I’m simply thankful.

      Photographing families during the pandemic proved to be challenging, but I was able to do it safely, after Pennsylvania got back into that “green phase” following non-essential business closures. Fast forward. Sessions happened and I feel confident that I did what I could to keep everyone safe while we were together. I wore my Rowdy Sprout masks, sanitized a lot, wiped down gear, washed my hands, handled newborns only as much as new parents felt comfortable, etc. I tried hard to keep everyone feeling comfortable, while documenting the love that lived in a stressful and worrisome period of time. The focus needed to be on families and that’s exactly what I set out to have happen each time I left my own home.

      I am picking up 2020 shares (in 2021) with this truly amazing family, at home with their sweet and perfect addition. I can scroll through to the bottom of this post and see that a really rough year was filled with as much good as we saw bad. I’d argue more good than bad. <3

      2021 DISCLAIMER:
      I’m a hugger so the whole social distance thing was and still is not easy for me. (Not a hugger? You may want to consider a referral from me when we all come out on the other side of this pandemic, haha!)

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